Our Philosophy of Care

For any caregiving or medical practice, a strong philosophy of care is super important for clients who are considering your practice. Keeping this in mind, Charleston Birth Place’s philosophy is designed to protect our clients’ confidence and ensure they’re in good hands.

What is Midwifery?

Midwives are certified individuals that are trained in the process of natural birth and related processes. They are trained to provide reproductive health services to women throughout their lifetime, especially during pregnancy and labor.

Unlike OB/GYN care, midwifery focuses on natural methods of care with minimal medical or surgical intervention. However, all of their knowledge is backed up by science and they apply the medical technology needed to ensure their clients are getting the best healthcare as per their needs.

How Is Midwifery Care Different?

Midwifery Care is more women-centered and focuses on empowering women and their natural capabilities. 

In comparison to OB/GYN care, Midwifery care feels more personalized and tailored according to what you want. You’re not subject to any standard care protocols or rushed checkups. 

Since the patient load is relatively less, midwives can provide you with more time and attention so all your concerns can be addressed without being rushed.

Also, since midwifery care is all about focusing on the natural way of things, there are no unnecessary interventions, medications, or tests that you need to go through. Your midwife will assess you and then see if you need any tests or medications to address any specific concerns you might have.

Philosophy of Care at Charleston Birth Place

A woman’s health and medical care is a partnership between her and her healthcare provider. It is our responsibility to provide excellent care and education and sensitivity to her concerns and needs. Her health is also her responsibility, we expect her to communicate with us and participate in decision-making. 

We acknowledge the value of both traditional and alternative forms of health promotion and treatment. We will listen to our clients, and treat them and their families with respect, dignity, and assurance of confidentiality. Pregnancy and birth are physiological processes that should be subject to as little intervention as possible. 

We offer women choices in place of birth, choosing the appropriate level of expertise and technology. Certified nurse midwives (CNM), experts in normal childbearing, work independently and in collaboration with our consulting obstetricians. Together, we are dedicated to taking the time to educate, advise, and support the childbearing family.