An integral part of delivering at the birth center is the education and preparation during pregnancy. Childbirth classes are available and will be encouraged during your prenatal care. We offer many options in childbirth and parenting classes including one-day labor classes, HypnoBirthing, and much more.

Building Your Nest: Required for all first-time parents

A ONE day, 6 hour class that covers the basics of a childbirth class to prepare your body and mind for one of the most important and memorable events in you and your partner’s life. The class will cover relaxation, breathing, preparing for labor, what to expect, labor positions, the birth of your baby, and immediate postpartum. Building Your Nest is geared to the first time Mom & her Partner who can’t take a 4-6 week class or those who have had an epidural in the past and are now going the natural childbirth way.

Classes are generally held the 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month from 9-3:30 at the birth center. You will need to bring your primary birth support partner. We can not accommodate more than 1 partner per client. There will be a break for lunch. Click the link below to register.


Pelvic Floor Workshops

 For information on classes and dates, click the link below.