Classes & Support

Classes & Support

All classes and support groups at Charleston Birth Place are
open to the public! Classes are hosted and managed by third party providers.

Preparing for Childbirth

Building Your Nest: Birth Preparation

Hosted by Jillian Hollingsworth and Sloane Upchurch

Available to everyone; required for all first-time parents planning to birth with us

This ONE day, 6 hour class covers the basics of childbirth to prepare your body and mind for this important experience. We designed this class for all birthing people and their primary birth support partner. We will cover relaxation, breathing, preparing for labor, what to expect, labor positions, the birth of your baby, and immediate postpartum. First-time and experienced birthers are all welcome!

We generally host these classes twice each month from 9:00am-3:30pm at Charleston Birth Place. Be sure to bring your primary birth support partner because this is important preparation for them as well. We cannot accommodate more than one partner per client. There will be a break for lunch. 

Pelvic Floor Pushing Prep Workshop

Hosted by Megan Rome of Rome Physical Therapy

We designed this class to help you understand your body and how it can work for you during labor and delivery. Join Megan Rome, Pelvic Floor PT, to learn the importance of pelvic floor relaxation and breathing techniques to help you through contractions as well as pushing. You will also learn stretching to prevent vaginal tears and stretches to help open up your pelvis to allow your baby to move through the birth canal without any restrictions. We are here to help guide your muscles through childbirth so you can Birth Better!

Preparing for Life After Birth

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Preparing for Lactation

Hosted by Naomi Hambleton of A2Z Lactation

Considering breastfeeding, pumping or a combination of feeding methods?

Join Naomi Hambleton IBCLC to discuss all things milk production and feeding your little one. Learn about colostrum, early days of feeding, safe sleep, nighttime parenting, diaper counting and more.

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Preparing for Postpartum Workshop

Hosted by Clare Parks of Nature and Nurture

Postpartum is forever! Preparing for the early weeks after birth can help you feel supported throughout your transition into parenthood.

Join Clare Parks, postpartum doula, educator and herbalist to prepare for the physical and emotional changes in the body after childbirth. We will cover how to prepare your pantry, your community, prep yourself for meals, set boundaries with family and friends early on, and what to expect with early newborn care and your own postpartum recovery. You will leave with practical tips and tools as well as a list of community resources for ongoing support so that you feel held throughout your fourth trimester.

Individuals and couples are welcome! This workshop is supportive and affirming of all gender identities and all kinds of family structures/definitions.

Recovery and Support After Birth

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Matrescence Support Circle

Hosted by Louise Harkins of Mapping Matrescence

We all know it takes a village to raise kids but how do you build it?

Please join our support circle for moms to connect, share, and learn from one another. Each week will be centered on a matrescence-related topic (if you haven’t heard of this term you are not alone and can learn more here). You will build knowledge, skills, and resources to navigate the many pushes and pulls of motherhood, meet new friends, and come away feeling seen, heard, and held.

Babies from newborn to crawling are welcome but know that this group is a time to focus on YOU mamas. The space is informal where you are free to feed, soothe, and change your baby (or even take a nap yourself if that’s what you need).

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PostBaby Pelvic Floor Workshop

Hosted by Megan Rome of Rome Physical Therapy

We designed this class to help you recover effectively and efficiently after childbirth. Afterall, your core and pelvic floor had to make room during pregnancy and delivery so now it is time to recover! Join Megan Rome, Pelvic Floor PT, to learn the proper way to strengthen your core and pelvic floor. And no, it is not by doing a bunch of kegels and crunches. You will also learn proper posture and lifting techniques to move with your baby without the risk of injury or making something worse. We are here to help you recover faster, Mama!

Fitness and Yoga Classes

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Prenatal Yoga

Hosted by Sabine Baker of Doulacare Charleston

Join us for easy yoga flow, breathwork, and meditation.

Sabine is an experienced yoga teacher, childbirth educator and birth and postpartum doula who is passionate about educating families and empowering moms to make decisions for themselves and their babies. She uses holistic tools to support moms, ensuring that they feel safe, supported, heard, and nurtured.

Must be in second trimester and cleared by your healthcare provider to participate in prenatal yoga. No experience required.