The Nest at Charleston Birth Place


Charleston Birth Place has always been pleased to offer a collective of healthcare providers to our families. This was previously known as “The Exchange,” but we’ve recently rebranded to “The Nest.” Here’s all you need to know about this transformation.

What is The Nest?

The Nest is a collaborative effort of different healthcare providers, currently including counselors, chiropractors, educators, and physical therapists. At The Nest, we offer classes, services, and support group meetings in the comfort of Charleston Birth Place. 

 The aim is to provide our clients with a safe place for comprehensive care before, during, and after pregnancy. You no longer have to book different healthcare providers for additional services outside of our scope since The Nest gives you holistic care in one place.

What We Offer:

Here are some of the services available through The Nest:

Many women experience problems with urinary and bowel control postnatally. Experts at Rome Physical Therapy help address these concerns with effective physical therapy that helps resolve these symptoms and avoid ailments like postnatal pelvic pain. They offer different packages both pre and postnatally. 


Foundation Family Chiropractic provides joint support and mobility solutions for the whole family! They specialize in providing prenatal and postpartum chiropractic care to mothers as well as chiropractic care for newborns and children.  Dr. Kyle and Dr. Molly are ICPA certified and specialize in pediatric chiropractic care and alignment.


At Charleston Birth Place, we understand the value of mental health. Sweetgrass Counseling specializes in individual and group therapy sessions designed for mothers, mothers-to-be, and aspiring mothers-to-be. Dr. Amy Jackson guides you through every step to be a better version of yourself and make a better future for yourself.


Alyssa Pitt is a Speech Language Pathologist, Feeding Specialist, and Certified Myofunctional Therapist who helps families from the first feed to the first solids and beyond! She uses specialized treatment techniques to address tethered oral tissues like tongue, lip, and cheek ties that can negatively impact your breast/bottle feeding journey. 


Kaleigh offers specialized massage for infants and women throughout pregnancy and postpartum. Prenatal massage can reduce anxiety, relieve muscle aches caused by pregnancy, and can be one step in improving the outcome of labor. 


  •  Education, Support Groups, and Events

Along with all this, The Nest also offers events such as group classes, support groups, and workshops. These aim to guide parents and help them build a community with like-minded individuals to discuss similar experiences and get important pointers.


All of these amazing providers can offer our families services that work together cohesively to provide you with an amazing pregnancy experience. Feel free to contact us for questions about Charleston Birth Place or The Nest!