Building Your Nest: Birth Preparation Class

Becoming a parent is a beautiful experience, but it is a completely new experience and with that comes a lot of unknowns. That is why we offer childbirth education classes!

Importance of Childbirth Education classes

Childbirth education classes are group classes covering the different aspects of what you need to know as a new parent. Topics covered in these classes include childbirth preparation, emotional bonding, how to be prepared parents, breastfeeding, etc.  Taking these classes not only helps you learn essential things regarding being a parent but also helps curb your anxiety and instills confidence in your ability to be a new parent. 


Check out our Building Your Nest: Birth Preparation Class

Building Your Nest: Birth Preparation is a class hosted by Jillian Hollingsworth and Sloane Upchurch.

Anyone can attend this class, including first-time and experienced birthers! It is a prerequisite for all first-time parents planning to give birth at our birth center. It is a single, 6-hour-long class covering the basics of what you need to know about childbirth.  It helps to prepare your mind and body for this once-in-a-lifetime experience. This class is designed for all people giving birth and their primary birth support partners. 

During this class, we cover ways to relax, breathe, and prepare for labor when the time arrives. We also talk about what to expect, the different labor positions you can try, and the experience of giving birth in general. We cover the critical aspects of postpartum, what to expect during it and how to make the experience better for yourself.

These classes are generally hosted twice each month from 9:00 am-3:30 pm at Charleston Birth Place. Bring your partner or anyone supporting you because this is also a crucial learning experience for them.  Please note that we only allow one partner per client.

If you’re interested, please visit the link below to register for the class.