Pain relief is often thought to be only possible through medical means. However, natural methods of pain relief and treatments are now a rising trend since they’re more easily accessible and conveniently available. 

One such method of technique is Hydrotherapy, the act of using water immersion as a way to gain pain relief and ease muscle tension. It helps by easing the gravitational force on bones and joints by making them weightless underwater. 

Hydrotherapy is also effective since it induces the release of endorphins, which are natural pain relievers. 

What is Hydrotherapy used for?

While Hydrotherapy is now commonly used in labor, that’s not the only use it has. Here are some other common uses of hydrotherapy:

  • Pain-relief for athletics
  • Mental health relaxation
  • Relief in arthritis symptoms
  • Low-impact workouts for those with joint problems

Hydrotherapy during pregnancy or labor relieves the aches and pains of pregnancy by easing the muscle tension and relieving some of that pressure from the back, which may cause constant pain for the mother-to-be!

Why is hydrotherapy good for you?

Hydrotherapy is usually safe and very effective. In most cases, it’s also inexpensive so you can easily try it if you’re feeling up for it. 

It also helps avoid the need for medical intervention or transfer to a hospital birth since it aids mothers to deliver naturally with much less discomfort.

Types of Hydrotherapy

Here are the different types of hydrotherapy you can try if you’re into it. Make sure you talk with your healthcare provider before trying any new therapy in pregnancy:

  • Aquatic exercise: this includes underwater exercises that include water aerobics, swimming, or underwater yoga
  • Warm water bath: a soothing warm water immersion can help soothe your nerves and also improves blood flow
  • Salt water bath: relaxing bath salts can have a calming effect on your nerves
  • Immersion therapy: it’s similar to a warm water bath but the temperature isn’t as controlled
  • Steam bath/ sauna: if you feel like immersion therapy might be a little too much for you, you can try a sauna or steam bath instead. Although it might not be as effective, it might still have some relaxing benefits


For any other questions, please make sure you ask your health provider!