4 Pregnancy Safe Workouts to Stay Fit

It’s a common misconception that you should stop exercising during pregnancy and spend your time resting. However, exercise during pregnancy can be extremely beneficial! Experts recommend staying as active as you can, but you should always listen to your body and do exercises that are safe for pregnancy. 

Importance Of Working Out While Pregnant

Moderate to light exercise during pregnancy holds a number of benefits for the mother. These include:

  • Relieves backache by mobilizing your joints and strengthening muscles
  • Helps reduce the incidence of gestational diabetes (If you’re already diagnosed with gestational diabetes, exercising regularly can help control your blood glucose levels and prevent insulin resistance)
  • Releases endorphins which helps elevate your moods, preventing pregnancy-related blues
  • Increases overall energy levels and helps you feel more boosted throughout the day
  • Strengthens the muscles that you’ll need during labor
  • Improves stamina, which again, is helpful during labor
  • Helps you sleep better by regulating your energy levels

Pregnancy Safe Workouts To Try

1. Walking

Walking is the most basic exercise you can do during pregnancy. If you’re doing it outdoors, you have the added benefit of getting some fresh air and Vitamin D while you’re at it.

You can choose to do about 45 minutes of moderate walk or 30 minutes of brisk walking, whatever you can manage. Walking is also great in the sense that you can set your own pace and rhythm while you do it and change it whenever you like.

It doesn’t require any training or equipment and has a very low chance of injury, which makes it all the more suitable for pregnant women.

2. Swimming

If any other kind of workout causes joint or muscle discomfort for you, try swimming instead. It takes off the pressure from your joints and instead helps you strengthen your muscles.

Swimming is also a great way to alleviate back pain without any medication. It is recommended that you step or slip into the water instead of jumping or diving to avoid the risk of injury.

3. Yoga

Yoga is a great workout for those who want something low-impact. It helps increase flexibility while strengthening muscles and joints. It’s also great to help you relax and focus. There are specialized prenatal yoga classes that you can take for maximum benefits.

4. Pilates

If you still want to do something low impact that’s a little more challenging, try pilates. It’s great for strengthening your core muscles while improving posture and relieving backache. Some people offer pilates specially designed for pregnancy, which might be a good idea.

We hope these tips help you have an active and healthy pregnancy!