Pregnancy Feelings

Pregnancy is associated with a lot of emotional changes which can be credited to the change in hormone levels and sense of impending responsibility. Not every moment of your pregnancy will feel positive, and that is okay. 

It’s normal for women to feel overwhelmed, exhausted, and vulnerable with the physical and emotional changes pregnancy brings. Some women may have periods of elation alternating with periods of self-doubt pertaining to their ability to handle a pregnancy and later, motherhood.

Whatever you’re feeling, it’s more than likely completely normal. Here’s what you can do to get through it:

Be Honest About Your Feelings

Don’t be afraid about confronting your feelings, whatever they may be. Even if they’re not exactly positive feelings, they’re always valid. So be honest about how you feel, there is no point in faking your feelings just to feel worse on the inside. We love to hear about your emotional needs during your prenatal appointments to make sure you are being cared for in every way possible!

Talk About It

It always helps to confide in people around you about how you feel. You can talk to:

  • Your partner

Your partner is someone you’re intimate with, in a way you can’t be with anyone else. So you can openly talk to them about how you feel. Chances are, they understand or even relate to how you feel. This will make it easier for you to deal with these feelings and eventually improve them.

  • Your family

There is no bond like family after all. If you have a sister or a mother that you feel comfortable talking to, tell them about how you feel, and maybe they can offer some perspective that will help you move on.

  • Mothers around you

If you’re in a mothers support group or go to childbirth education classes, you can talk to fellow mothers about how you feel. You’ll probably find a few moms that feel the same way you do, and that will just validate you a little bit. If nothing else, there is solace in knowing you’re not alone.

  • A therapist

If you feel like you need that extra help, it’s always best to refer to a professional and talk to them about these feelings. Therapy will definitely give you a healthy way to deal with these feelings and process them the right way. Emotional well-being is a key component to conception, birth, and mothering. We offer therapy through our partnership with The Exchange Charleston to find you the support you need during these transitional times in your journey.

Don’t Feel Guilty

Guilt won’t do you any good in times of such emotional vulnerability. Pregnancy is new every time you experience it, and it’s completely okay to have mixed feelings every step of the way, don’t beat yourself up for it. 


Make Small Goals and Celebrate The Milestones

You don’t have to wait for the big things in order to feel happy. Set little milestones and celebrate when you accomplish them. For example, celebrate getting your first ultrasound done, getting through the first trimester, getting a growth scan done, and so on.

When you begin celebrating little things, you’ll eventually begin to look forward to the big event!