Why Am I So Thirsty

During the first few weeks of your pregnancy, you will feel your body undergoing many changes. You’ll find yourself experiencing things that can only be explained by the tiny human that’s growing inside of you. 

While pregnancy-related nausea and appetite changes are often discussed, one of the lesser-known symptoms of pregnancy includes thirst as well. 


Is Thirst A Symptom Of Pregnancy?

Yes, excessive thirst and frequent urination are completely normal during pregnancy. This is simply your body’s physiological response due to increased demand for fluids during pregnancy. An increased thirst impulse helps to prevent dehydration, which can be dangerous during pregnancy.


Importance Of Good Hydration

Here are some reasons why increasing your water intake is important during pregnancy:

  • Increased hydration lowers the chances of constipation and hemorrhoids during pregnancy
  • Increased water intake reduces swelling
  • Drinking more water increases your energy levels
  • Decreases the chances of urinary tract infections during pregnancy
  • Water is how the nutrients in your body reach your baby. Adequate hydration means these nutrients reach your baby according to their needs
  • Proper hydration during the last trimester can help promote a healthy, natural labor


How Much Water Should You Drink

According to recommendations from ACOG, you should drink about 8-12 cups of water per day. This will keep you fresh and rejuvenated throughout the day and also keep you healthy from within.

It’s better to drink the water in increments throughout the day rather than drinking it all down at once. This will help your body absorb and utilize it better.


Tips To Increase Your Water Intake

While drinking water sounds fairly simple, it’s actually harder to implement on a regular basis. Here are some tips to help you drink more water throughout the day:

  • Get a nice bottle that makes you want to drink more water
  • Drink a few sips at a time if you can’t drink too much water at once
  • Set reminders to drink water on your phone or ask someone in your house/workplace to remind you
  • Drink cold water if you prefer it that way. Sometimes drinking room temperature water can be unappealing to people, so just drink it at a temperature you like


It’s also important to remember that you need to pair good hydration with good nutrition and prenatal vitamins to cover all your bases. Ask your care provider if you want to learn more about what kinds of nutrients and vitamins are best for you!