Out-of-Hospital Birth Safety

How safe is it to deliver a baby outside of the hospital? We know there are many people out there who are new to the world of out-of-hospital birth, so let’s dig right into this important question! 

We love to tell everyone that it is just as safe to have a baby outside of the hospital as it is to have a baby in the hospital, if not safer! Everything done at Charleston Birth Place is evidence-based and supported by years of research. An international study performed by McMaster University showed that low-risk pregnant women who intended to have out-of-hospital births had no increased chance of risk compared to those who intended to give birth in a hospital. 

For healthy women with normal pregnancies, out-of-hospital births are a safe option. We hold our patients’ health and safety in the highest regard, and that is why we have standards set for the women that we are able to serve. To learn more about the conditions we are able to work with and the ones that require a higher level of care than a birth center can offer, start here!

Pregnancy and birth are physiological processes that should be subject to as little intervention as possible. When you are not rushing the process of birth or intervening, this typically leads to a much safer and healthier birth process.

Our outcomes at Charleston Birth Place are a product of that philosophy. 





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C-Section Rate

Emergency Transfers

Hospital Transfers in Labor

There are times when issues arise, but we are trained and skilled on how to handle them for the best outcomes. We have an incredible working relationship with hospitals in the area, which allows us the ability to call them and know that they are prepared and ready for us if we need to go to the hospital. Our midwives have privileges at both MUSC Health University Medical Center and Summerville for non-emergency transfers and for emergency transfers, we are located less than a mile away from East Cooper Hospital. Because of our partnerships with these hospitals, your care is never delayed in any potential emergency.


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