Charleston Birth Place | Services
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Our Services

“The Lowcountry’s Natural Choice For Child Birth”

Lending Library

We have a large collection of books, DVDs, and CDs that cover pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, post partum, women’s health, and parenting available for your use. We have all the latest documentaries that have been spot lighted in the national media including the Business of Being Born, Orgasmic Birth, and Pregnant in America.

Childbirth Education

We offer many options in childbirth and parenting classes.

Lactation Services

All our mothers are given breastfeeding education and support as part of the birth center experience. We also have a relaxing lactation lounge and have IBCLC certified lactation consultants available for your breastfeeding needs. Our breastfeeding group meets Fridays from 12-2 PM at Northwoods Baptist Church. Please call the center if you are having breastfeeding issues.

Women’s Health

Our midwives can provide care throughout a woman’s lifetime including annual exams, family planning, and preconception visits.

Bellies & Babies Boutique

We carry products that help support natural healthy pregnancy and parenting some of our manufactures include: Mila, Rainbow Light, Bum Genius, g Diapers, Seventh Generation, MotherLove, Earth Mama-Angel Baby, Sweet Knee, California Baby, Prenatal Cradle, Bravado, Sensible Lines, Lost River Naturals, Ameda breast pumps, Dr. Brown’s, BellaBand, BeBe au Lait, LilyPadz, and many others including custom baby slings.

Water Birth

You can labor and/or birth in our large birth pools with care provided by midwives who are experienced and certified in waterbirth from Water Birth International.