Charleston Birth Place | Norva S. Andrews Decoteau
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Norva S. Andrews Decoteau


I have worked at Charleston Birth Place for more than seven years as a birth assistant and post-partum home visit nurse. I was born in Trinidad and Tobago, where I gained my formal education. I worked in general nursing and then become a licensed nurse midwife. In 2003, my family and I migrated to the USA. My well-rounded background, has given me the opportunity to work in various disciplines as a travel nurse. I am a wife, mother of three, and proud grandmother of one.

My midwifery training in the West Indies aligns with CBP’s vision of natural childbirth. I am passionate about caring for new mothers and being a resource to the family as they meet their newest member. CBP shares my vision of empowering women and families, thus I anticipate an enduring relationship as we continue to empower our clients.