Charleston Birth Place | Birth Center Proviso Deleted
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Birth Center Proviso Deleted

On February 14th 2017 the South Carolina House Ways and Means committee deleted the birth center Proviso that has enabled Charleston Birth Place to remain in compliance with DHEC licensure for birth centers. Without the Proviso CBP could be at risk to lose our license in June. We are working closely with our attorneys and legislators to be sure CBP will remain an option for families in the low-country but we need your support. Please contact your legislators and ask them to support H3133 and S242 the birth center bills. You can find your legislators contact information at

34.54.   (DHEC: Birthing Center Inspections)  For this fiscal year, birthing centers, accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Birth Centers on or before July 1, 2014, must register an on-call agreement and any transfer policies with the Department of Health and Environmental Control.  The on-call agreement shall contain provisions which provide that the on-call physician is readily available to provide medical assistance either in person or by telecommunications or other electronic means, which means the physician must be within a thirty minute drive of the birthing center or hospital, must be licensed in the State of South Carolina, and shall provide consultation and advice to the birthing center at all times it is serving the public.  Furthermore, a birthing center shall document in its practice guidelines and policies the ability to transfer care to an acute care hospital with obstetrical and newborn services and must demonstrate this by: (A) coordinated transfer care plans, protocols, procedures, arrangements, or through collaboration with one or more acute care hospitals with appropriate obstetrical and newborn services; and (B) admitting privileges at one or more hospitals with appropriate obstetrical and newborn services by a birthing center’s consulting physician.  The department shall require a $25.00 registration fee upon receipt and review of the agreements containing these provisions.  Birthing centers registering on-call and transfer policies in accordance with this proviso shall be deemed by the department to be in compliance with Section 44-89-60(3) of the South Carolina Code and any implementing regulations for this fiscal year.