Charleston Birth Place | The Lowcountry's Natural Choice For Child Birth
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Water Birth

You can labor and/or birth in our large birth pools with care provided by midwives who are experienced and certified in water birth from Water Birth International.

Health and Wellness

Our midwives can provide care throughout a woman’s lifetime including annual exams, family planning, and preconception visits. Let us be there for all your wellness needs.

Birth Videography

A new baby is a beautiful moment to cherish and remember. Share your birth story with family and friends. Have a keepsake of the day that changed your life forever!

What Parents Say

Child Birth Education

We offer many options in childbirth and parenting classes including one day labor classes, HypnoBirthing and much more. Plus our lending library.

Lactation Consultants

All our mothers are given breastfeeding education and support as part of the birth center experience. Our breastfeeding group meets Fridays as well.

CBP Legislation

Support Legislation for Access to Midwives and Birth Center. Join Campaign to save Charleston Birth Place. Support H3815!

Our Experienced Midwives

Judy Osborne

Judy Osborne has been a Certified Nurse Midwife for 15 years. She began as an RN in the 1980’s. Judy has delivered over 1800 babies in the Low Country…

Laurie Hersey

An Atlanta native, Laurie and her husband have now moved Charleston. She has been a Certified Nurse Midwife since December of 1999…

Jennifer Hirchert

Jennifer started her career as a labor and delivery nurse at MUSC in 2008, and joined the CBP family as a birth assistant the following year…